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  • Think Beyond the Pay Slip

    Sponsored by: Workforce Software

    This white paper stresses the importance of: Understanding the definition of Workforce Management, HR moving into a strategic role, automating workforce management, and much more. Read on to uncover how to think beyond the pay slip with strategic workforce management and enhance your business value.

  • 10 Essential Functions of a Workforce Management Solution

    Sponsored by: Workforce Software

    In this white paper, better understand the importance of workforce management practices and why they should be placed high on the agenda for senior business management and HR. Inside, find a helpful list of ten essential functions of a workforce management solution.

  • Timely Topics: Employee Data and Operational Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Workforce Software

    How can you make sense of big data, focus on the metrics that matter, and use this information to improve operational efficiency? Find out in the white paper, and uncover the importance of data analysis and workforce management data in your quest to driving operational excellence.

  • Workforce Management Solutions - A Buyers Guide

    Sponsored by: Workforce Software

    In this paper, learn about how the demand for Workforce Management solutions continues to grow as organizations increasingly turn their attention to the ability of their workforce management processes to support some of their most pressing operational and strategic challenges.

  • US Airways Standardizes WFM Across All Contact Centers

    Sponsored by: Aspect

    After a merger, US Airways was struggling with a great disparity between the applications used across its five call centers. It was evident that US Airways needed a single workforce management tool across all contact centers, in order to solve scheduling issues and better forecast call volume.

  • Revolutionizing the WFO Industry with a Superior User Experience

    Sponsored by: Aspect

    This informative white paper explains the negative effects of a poor workforce optimization (WFO) user experience, and provides a look at some of the trends impacting good user experience today. Also, discover a WFO application that leverages best practices of user experience to revolutionize the contact center agent's experience.

  • Hilton Reservations Worldwide Achieves Efficient Staffing

    Sponsored by: Aspect

    Check out this brief case study to learn how Hilton Reservations Worldwide implemented a workforce management technology that enabled the contact center to plan, manage, and optimize staffing resources, resulting in happier agents and satisfied customers.

  • The Time Is Now: Workforce Optimization Becomes Reality for the Small-to-Medium Sized Contact Center

    Sponsored by: Calabrio, Inc.

    This resource describes how workforce optimization (WFO) technologies are transforming contact centers in small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

  • Human capital management in the 21st century

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Access the following white paper to explore how analytics can drastically improve the effectiveness of HR processes. Lean how by leveraging analytics, the HR department can take the guesswork out of distinguishing prospective candidates and ultimately driving greater business success.

  • End User Services - Experience true collaboration & business agility

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    This whitepaper will teach you more about assessing your workforce needs in order to make informed decisions about optimization plans.

  • The mining supply chain suite

    Sponsored by: Quintiq

    This resource introduces a mining supply chain suite designed to optimize your organization's planning capability while providing the operational visibility and efficiency you need.

  • Modern HR in the Cloud: Social Job Distribution

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this brief, find best practices for automating your recruiting via social media channels so that you can access new audiences on Facebook and Twitter, and better understand the ways of the modern HR world.

  • Optimize Your Workforce: Why Scheduling is the Key to Profitability

    Sponsored by: Quintiq

    This resource explores how the right scheduling tool can give you the power to optimize your workforce and achieve increased revenue, employee satisfaction, and more.

  • How effective is your workforce planning and scheduling?

    Sponsored by: Quintiq

    This informative resource lays out seven questions that you need to ask in order to achieve best practice workforce scheduling.

  • Modern Workforce Management: Impacting the Bottom Line

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    In this white paper, better understand the importance of a well-crafted workforce management strategy that empowers HR leaders to optimally manage their human capital.

  • A Unified Approach to Human Capital Management

    Sponsored by: Workday

    Keeping track of a global workforce isn't easy, especially if you're still dealing with multiple legacy HR systems. In this video, discover a unified approach to human capital management (HCM) that offers real-time insight into your workforce, all in a single system of record.

  • Learn How Organizations are Transforming HR with the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Workday

    View the following webinar to learn how organizations are transforming HR with the cloud. Uncover how to enable better collaboration, handle a more complex workforce, improve visibility, and more. Also hear from leading companies and the strategies they use to make these transformations happen.

  • Infographics: The Four Fundamentals of Your Workforce

    Sponsored by: Workday

    For many organizations, more than half of their operating costs are tied to the workforce, yet they don't even have complete data on their own employees. See the infographic to learn how Workday is redefining what it means to manage a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

  • Driving Cultural Changeto Achieve Travel andExpense Compliance in aLarge Company

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    This brief article gives advice on ways to encourage travel and expense compliance in large organizations. This is done through finding a balance between people, policy and technology.

  • Research Report: Nexus of Forces

    Sponsored by: Workday

    Workday largely uses the nexus to good effect. However, CIOs and VPs of HR evaluating Workday for HCM shouldn't expect all elements of the nexus to be fully mature or leveraged. This document helps prospective customers be fully prepared in their evaluation of Workday's nexus capabilities.

  • A Whole New Approach to the HRMS Marketplace

    Sponsored by: Workday

    One of the most business-critical systems in any organization is the human resources management system. This research bulletin details use cases that illustrate what Workday's HR solution can truly do for organizations. Also inside, find a brief discussion of the factors an organization should consider in making a potential Workday decision.

  • Delivering Value

    Sponsored by: Workday

    More often than not, HR struggles to deliver the right information or service to the right person at the right time. This brief explains why, and introduces a unified Human Capital Management (HCM) solution equipped to help you achieve your objectives.

  • A sample travel and expense policy template for large companies

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    This resource outlines 12 considerations for creating an effective travel and expense policy, and offers recommendations to help you move forward.

  • Why It's Time to Retire that Aging HR System and Embrace the Cloud!

    Sponsored by: Workday

    View the following webinar to learn how you can improve virtually every aspect of HR by moving to the cloud. Uncover the steps to take as well as technology considerations to make your HR transformation as quick and seamless as possible

  • Workforce Management Applications: FAQ and Best Practices

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    Workforce management (WFM) applications are among the most important productivity tools in contact centers. In this e-guide, learn how to incorporate WFM software into your broader HR landscape, and how to achieve maximum productivity with WFM.

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